On-Premises Virtualisation…

With reduced ownership costs, reduced energy requirements and maximum hardware utilisation, virtualisation is the smart choice for your on-premises server infrastructure.

Virtualisation is the process of taking multiple physical servers and running them from a single hardware server as virtual instances, thus breaking the traditional one-to-one relationship of hardware and software. Why have several under-utilised physical servers, when these functions can all be consolidated onto a single hardware platform, reducing costs, physical storage space and maximising the return on your investment.

Rock IT are experts in installing and managing this cutting edge technology, speak to us today to see how you can get the most out of your IT budget and investment.

Hosted Virtualisation…

If you want to break the constraints of having your IT infrastructure tied to your office premises, or reduce the setup and hardware costs associated with this, then Rock IT's hosted virtual servers are an option for you.

Not only will you shift your IT costs from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operating costs (OpEx), but you also empower your employee's with access to the latest, cutting edge technologies with high speed access from any location.

All of Rock IT's virtual server's are built from the highest specification hardware, stored in secure UK data centres with fully redundant connectivity, power and replication to a second a site to ensure your systems are accessible in all scenarios