Support Packages…

Rock IT is a specialist in IT support and our primary day-to-day business is keeping our clients systems up and running. Our highly-skilled engineers are all degree educated in computing science disciplines and highly trained. We pride ourselves in solving technical issues, however simple or complicated, as quickly as possible. Over the years we have built up a reputation for providing first-class frontline support. We are backed up by the major hardware and software brand’s technical resources and we find the answers we are looking for quickly and deliver the solutions right to the desktop.

Our in-house call logging and management system allows each problem to be logged and allocated to the support team where it is picked up and investigated. We deal with incoming support calls directly to our permanently manned Helpdesk and using the latest Remote Support Techniques we are able to take over your PC right away as if we were in your office to solve your problems.

Extensive details are recorded about each support call and the client’s system so that our engineers have all the information they may need easily to hand. Each incident has a number of stages, finally reaching the “closed” stage once it has been successfully resolved. Calls that are not closed are carefully monitored to ensure that we follow up with call-backs until the incident becomes “closed”.

A log of each call is kept so that your support time can be monitored and assessed at any time. This can be useful in highlighting problematic computers that repeatedly have problems or in some cases where members of staff need additional training.

Our support services are broadly broken down into three categories: Prepaid Telephone & Remote Support. Our Total Cover package and our premium offering Total Cover Plus.

Prepaid Telephone & Remote Support…

This is a pre-paid service that’s offers advice and support over the telephone and remotely for general help with your systems, including hardware and software faults even if that has not been purchased through us. Remote Support allows an engineer to remotely “take over” your system and see precisely what the problem is without you having to describe it or send over screen shots and error messages. In addition, when used to link to a remote server, we can monitor many aspects of the server’s performance, event logs and user setups. It also enables us to transfer files in either direction so if your problem needs us to look at files on your system or you need updated files to fix a problem then we can send them to or from your system and install them ourselves in minutes rather than sending CDs or disks in the post with instructions that you would need to follow.

You buy blocks of time in advance, depending on the size of your company, requirements and numbers of users/servers. We log each call the time balance is reduced. Once it reaches a pre-agreed level we invoice you to top up the time. Time credits rolls over month-to-month and there is no end-of-year cut-off, so you do not lose your time balance so long as you “renew” your contract by paying the modest Annual Administration Fee. The small annual administration fee is invoiced each year in advance in December and is made to cover our standing costs for equipment, data storage and staffing overheads. Contracts that start part-way through the year attract a pro-rata administration fee.

If we are unable to resolve a support issue over the phone or remotely then the support engineer will recommend a site visit to look at the problem first-hand, especially if it is hardware related as we can bring with us replacement hardware or software as necessary. This is quoted for and charged at a discounted hourly rate prior to attending.

Total Cover & Total Cover Plus…

Total Cover & Total Cover Plus are our medium and premium Support Packages. These services provide Fully Outsourced I.T. Support with the main difference being the inclusion of on-site engineering in the Plus package. The medium package offer on-site support at a discounted half-day rate. We calculate the monthly charge based on the number of servers, PC users, printers and other devices you have on your network. You are assigned your own Relationship Manager as a single point of contact at Rock IT who will look after your account on a day-to-day basis. At his disposal is the Helpdesk Manager and dedicated staff and our On-Site Field Engineering Team managed by our Technical Director.

This is essentially your IT department. We look after every aspect of your system for an agreed monthly fee. Your costs are fixed with respect to the support charges and site visits related to support. This gives superb budgetary control on your IT overheads. This service gives you the best support that we can offer as it is a pro-active service aimed at heading off problems by being at the frontline of your servers and workstations. We can make recommendations and dispense advise to maximise your ‘up-time’.