Cloud Backup…

Rock IT's cloud backup is the smarter way to protect your company’s data. The service offers a full range of enterprise class features for backing up data stored in database servers, email servers, fileservers and even desktops and laptops.

With the encrypted data being stored in a highly secure data centre including full replication to a second site, your data couldn't be in safer hands. Both our Data-Centres are protected by Mains Power backup using generators, air-conditioning, smoke detection, fire-suppression and powerful physical security to ensure only authorised access.

Cloud Drive…

Rock IT cloud drive is the online file sync, file sharing and data collaboration service that doesn't compromise on features. Whilst there are many cloud file storage facilities out there, can you really trust any of them with your confidential company data? With Rock IT cloud drive you can as security is our key principal.

Rock IT cloud drive uses robust 448-bit Blowfish encryption for all data that is sent into the cloud. This not only allows cloud drive to meet compliance requirements, it also ensures no access to data to anyone without an encryption key.

Cloud drive access controls allow us to create rules and privileges for different users to ensure a file can’t get into the wrong hands and our remote wipe features can also prevent users that are leaving a company from accessing sensitive company files/ information once they leave.

With all of these security benefits, without compromising on features, you can empower your employee's with the power of the cloud using a service you can trust.

Cloud Email…

Rock IT's cloud email service is a business-class email messaging and collaboration service designed to help your business communicate securely, efficiently and effectively.

Based on Microsoft Exchange technology, this is delivered as a fully managed solution, so you do not have to worry about the security, integrity or delivery of your email again. With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs you can experience significantly lower cost of ownership for your messaging and collaboration needs.

Web and Application Hosting…

Whether you want to host a website, application or server, Rock IT can manage these functions for you. With multiple secure data centres located in the UK, we can tailor our hosting packages to your needs- no matter how big or small.

From domain registration and website hosting to fully hosted virtual or physical server farms, Rock IT can provide a cost effective, fully managed solution without compromising on service.

Email and Web Security…

Whether you require hosted anti-spam and email security, or a web filtering solution without expensive hardware, Rock IT have all of your needs covered.

We can provide cloud security services including anti-spam, email encryption, email anti-virus and web filtering to stop the threats of the modern Internet before they get to your network. Call us today to start protecting your network the smarter way.